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Picture "Windows" PLUS

Open for a scented breeze
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The home's central air handling system should be modified to accommodate this Idea. At suitable locations on the walls, extra vents (SMALL vents!) are added. Then special picture frames are placed over the vents. The frames are sealed to the walls, and are designed to resemble windows that can be opened by, say, sliding half a pane. When the frame/"window" is closed, of course, these particular vents do not send air into the room (the vents should be mechanically closed in addition to the frame being closed, as explained below).

Special pictures are sold to go in these frames. Many sizes are possible, of course. As part of the overall printing/manufacturing process, they are soaked in appropriate scented oils, then sealed for the consumer. Upon being opened, a given picture is placed into one of the special wall frames, and sealed up again....

When the mood strikes, you select a picture. Say, a nice desert-island scene with palms. You open the "window", and the also-opened vent can now push a scented sea-air breeze into the room. Or, open a window to a still-life painting of flowers, and THEIR scents flow into the room. Or, a mountain scene "window" brings pine and other fresh scents. Lots of possibilities here, of course! (No, this idea is probably not suitable for a picture of the family dog!)

When you've had enough, you close the chosen "window". Being sealed between closed glass and closed vent will let scents last a long time, certainly for a worth-the-price number of openings in the future.

Vernon, May 23 2005


       Why go to all the trouble of redecorating and rerouting the air conditioning to allow these windows, when you can just plug in one of those air freshener thingys they keep advertising? Occam's Butter Knife award for making the simple complex.
MauiChuck, May 24 2005

       [MauiChuck], those scented things you are talking about don't hardly look so nice. In the middle of a big city, this a "window" might be more than a meter high and wide, showing a peaceful scene, with the added realism of smell. Combined, the view and the scent mentally take you there better than either alone.
Vernon, May 24 2005

       Mmmmm. Sniff. Lovely. The air freshener costs $4. What's the price for your setup? Why isn't simplier and cheaper better?
MauiChuck, May 24 2005

       Because you don't get to SEE what the odor represents, with the el-cheapo route. And, remember, this IS the place for half-baked ideas... :)
Vernon, May 24 2005


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