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The picture on the wall is a view of outside.
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This assumes a periscope of sorts would be employed with lenses to magnify an image. Assuming that is possible, it would be tantamount to having a camera and video connect. If I had a pair of binoculars on the roof, the picture would show the binoculars view. Now control the binoculars direction and focus remotely and it would be like controlling a camera. Then, why not just control a camera? Well, I guess a mirror could break, or a fiber optic line could snap, but the camera requires powering digital equipment that could break or no longer work whereas the picture on the wall would be 'always on'. The use of power could be introduced if a spotlight was incorporated. How about some uses: - monitor a pet house - observe wildlife - view picturesque landscaping - pest control - identify trespassers - watch public areas, like driveway or pool - you guess a few
JD420, Jan 18 2004

"The room has no more walls" http://www.funsci.com/fun3_en/sky/sky.htm
[Fussass, Oct 17 2004]


       This technology has existed for millennia. They're called windows.
waugsqueke, Jan 18 2004

       Also called cameras.
python, Jan 18 2004

       The camera obscura is an ancient idea but still a good one, should be revived. A single lens and rotateable mirror in the roof will project the image onto a table. Linked.
Fussass, Jan 19 2004


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