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Windows For Windowless Offices

With backlighting
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Full-sized windowframes that are mountable on the wall of your office. Has a photograph of the outdoors in your office's neighborhood (you could even take the picture yourself), blown up, mounted, and backlit with simple rope lighting, or perhaps electroluminescent sheeting (if it can be made white).

Juts out just a little bit like a real windowframe, with the photograph countersunk.

Sturdy enough for the installation of venetian blinds, or you could just mount them to the wall above.

Plugs into any wall outlet, and has a tastefully discreet dimmer.

Cheap, simple, and at least moderately more aesthetic than the fluorescent lamps over your head.

shapu, Feb 14 2007

Lightbox http://www.display-...bre_light_box.shtml
these should do it perfectly [xenzag, Feb 14 2007]

Buy one right here! http://www.theskyfa...TsIoCFSNCgQodXX67pw
[jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007]

Or here. http://www.affordab...UsIoCFQzqgAod03NJrQ
[jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007]


       Reminds me of Soylent Green.
bungston, Feb 14 2007

       Nothing to do with XP then?
skinflaps, Feb 15 2007

       No, nor linux, I'm afraid.
shapu, Feb 15 2007

       This is kind of baked, I mean David Letterman has one behind his desk(or is it Leno)any way these have been used in TV and Movies forever.
jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007

       He's selling alternative aqua-rium lighting systems.
zen_tom, Feb 15 2007

       what [jhom] said. All the news sets and talk shows have these. They even have fake *weather* going on.
xandram, Feb 15 2007

       Apparently baked. Mutter mutter. I'm sort of curious as to why I didn't find this on Google.
shapu, Feb 15 2007

       I looked under "Fake Window Office" on google and it was an add at the top of the page.
jhomrighaus, Feb 15 2007

       Must be in the order. I typed in "Fake Office Window" and got...well, bupkus.
shapu, Feb 16 2007

       in stead of a still picture, why not wire it up to a webcam that shows you the real outside (or an outside of choice ofcourse :) )
mikrofoon, Jul 19 2010


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