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Pie shelf

Heat Pie and eat whilst surfing the net
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Now that PC's are entering the world of Microwave, would'nt it be a good idea to put a pie shelf in your PC similar to a CD drive but larger. So you can eat whilst looking at your favourite site.
sid, Apr 16 2001


       Ahhh Pete nearly forgot, you could put a drip tray underneath to catch all the gravy. As for crumbs in the keyboard are you a sloppy eater.
sid, Apr 20 2001

       ItsMan, Great thought, how's about a cooling coil so that you can keep your beer cool. Just one prob with the CD beverage tray, how you going to keep the bay open. I also think a small grill where the zip drive goes would make a PC the complete late night surfing unit.
sid, Apr 21 2001

       And then of course you gonna need a slot for your fondue set so you can have late night " Halflife/Hexen/Everquest/Doom " parties
sid, Apr 22 2001

       A water cooled PC might transfer enough heat into the water coolant to have a nice refreshing cup of tea.
Aristotle, Apr 23 2001


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