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Pigeon-Proportioned Flypaper

Stick it to 'em!
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I realize there was a recent pigeon rant on the "Pigeon Power" idea, and I know the Halfbaked Council resolved not to go on a 2-week pigeon tirade, but I think it's inevitable. Anyway, it got me to thinkin'-

While this isn't quite as productive, it's cheaper: Large sheets of flypaper that are strong enough to hold a pigeon (or several). You throw one out, put a little trash on it, and soon you've got a big flapping mess.

Cruel, but fun to watch!

utexaspunk, Apr 17 2002

Pigeon Power http://www.halfbake...idea/Pigeon_20Power
some part of me wants to spell it 'pidgeon'. what's up with that? [utexaspunk, Apr 17 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

MAD Fold-In Billboard http://www.halfbake...Fold-In_20Billboard
Where the annotations swing in this direction [phoenix, Apr 17 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bird lime http://onlinedictio....com/word/Birdlime/
[IvanIdea, Apr 17 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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See bottom of page. [pottedstu, Apr 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Brilliant. If somewhat cruel.
stupop, Apr 17 2002

       You might ensnare fewer vagrants if you print a small "do not eat" warning on it. One might think wino elimination a bonus, but the drunken cursing would be god-awful. Your new company might want to test the market with giant 4 ft. pigeon swatters too?
spartanica, Apr 17 2002

       [utexaspunk]: "Pidgin English," perchance?  Sometimes spelled "Pidgeon."
bristolz, Apr 17 2002

       What would you do with them when they are full, sell them as novelty fashion wraps? Love the idea but slightly baked, maybe just proved then the paper is new.(desperately squirming to avoid comparisons with absent friends) Have a search on Birdlime or see link
IvanIdea, Apr 17 2002

       I can't believe people are being creative about how to cruelly exterminated another spiece just because they find them annoying. I mean people have exterminated animal smarter and far wide spread if there is profit to be made. Try to be creative on how to dispose their bodies and make money out of that. Then all your problems will be gone.
bing, Apr 18 2002

       Whoa there! I am feeling the need to defend myself. For the record, I do dislike pigeons but not to the extent that I want them exterminated. Anyway, the "Pigeon Power" idea started out as a lame "Battery Hens" pun and then a chance conversation about animal behaviourists brought up Skinner and his work with pigeons. Then - sweet serendipity! - waugsqueke posted pig*eon and I cynically surfed the wave of anti-pigeon sentiment for the croissants.   

       So, the idea was not a rant (it was meant to be amusing and halfbaked) and was not motivated by any real hatred of pigeons.
calum, Apr 18 2002

       Hen hater... I knew it.
spartanica, Apr 19 2002

       You have a problem with geese in your apartment [Bliss] ? Sounds awful.
IvanIdea, Apr 19 2002

       // I'm not sure where I stand on pigeons. //   

       I find it's difficult to maintain balance.   

       Around my locale, we have a great many mourning doves, much more of those than the standard rock pigeon, of which we have hardly any at all. I enjoy the mourning doves - their 'coo' sounds almost like an owl, though not as loud.
waugsqueke, Apr 19 2002

       //introduced and prolific and pest-ridden and messy and annoying//
...and smelly and noisy and ugly and plague-infected and disgusting and vile and horrid and evil...
angel, Apr 19 2002

       Instruments of Beelzebub (only less glamorous).
angel, Apr 19 2002

       One of those horrid, ugly guys.
angel, Apr 19 2002

       We have pigeons downtown but last week I noticed a pair out in the suburbs now. They must have caught a ride on the train or something. They aren't bothering anyone now but we better keep a close eye on them....
bluerowan, Apr 22 2002

       There may only be two now, but there'll four hundred and ninty seven before you can blink. Shoot them now, before it's too late. Or squish them. With a heavy object. Such as a Chevy Suburban.
angel, Apr 22 2002

       I have a friend called brendy who is chronically pigeon toed. I mean that guy walks more like a pigeon than the pigeons themselves. Should he be shot too
garlic twins, Apr 22 2002

       Without a doubt.
stupop, Apr 22 2002

       Have you noticed that toads are also pigeon-toed?
angel, Apr 23 2002

       And they speak pidgin toad.
FarmerJohn, Apr 23 2002


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