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Slugs on the glue

Can this be commercialised?
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I planted some cabbage seeds in a tray and put the empty packet under a stone. Looked for slug pellets, found none, forgot about the plants.

Ten days later I remembered them and was greeted by a 100% strike. In this slug-ridden corner? Why? There were their silver trails as usual but ignoring the delicate baby plants completely.

Instead they converged on a tiny remaining fragment of seed-packet. "Yeah" said the seedsman, barely interested. "Slugs go crazy over seed-packets. It's the glue they use in'em".

My mind races. I swim in pools of gold coins. I track down the glue. and isolate the slug-factor. Entrepreneurs line up at my door to watch my slugs "on the glue" pushing and shoving to get at the stuff, now a low cost easily marketable fragrance impregnating every seed packet.

There's a fragrance to match every variety of seed and ... ... ... I wake up with a lap full of cold coffee.
rayfo, Nov 30 2000

(??) Looks like they did this with mail boxes http://www.ananova....tory/sm_446115.html
[barnzenen, Nov 27 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I wonder, would the slug slime help with the germation?
barnzenen, Nov 27 2001

       Oh [barnzenen] - couldn't you have waited just another 3 days before annotating this idea?
hippo, Nov 27 2001

       Sorry, don't know what I was thinking. Just saw the article and it reminded me of this, sorry. I will do better next time I go digging for old ideas.
barnzenen, Nov 27 2001

       I have spent half an hour wondering why you had to wait 3 days for December to post this idea!
po, Nov 27 2001

       You figured it out, right po?
barnzenen, Jun 03 2002

       I have wasted 45 minutes of my life on this now - but I am getting quicker each time.
po, Jun 03 2002

       I still can't figure it out. And I'm not going to wait another 172 days to post this either.
footzilla, Jun 12 2005


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