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Pigeon Pie Delivery Service

Release the pigeons!
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For remote mining communities and small islands, one of the biggest problems is ensuring a steady supply of fresh meat.

For a small(ish) fee, UBCo will breed a large population of Rock Dove / Columba livia / pigeons on your site and return them to civilisation / the mainland, with a view to feeding and keeping the birds until they are needed.

Then, every few days, you simply SMS your requirements to our highly trained, unimaginative pigeoncote keepers, who will release the requisite number of birds, which will fly to their "Home" in order to be butchered by your chef or yourself, for consumption.

[8 of 7] assures me the same thing is possible with cats, if we first allow them to shit in your herbaceous borders before we take them back into our keeping. Not sure you'd really want to eat a cat, even in a pie.

UnaBubba, May 11 2012

Other uses for pigeons Talibani_20_22Secre...Weapon_20For_20Good
[UnaBubba, May 11 2012]


       //want to eat a cat   

       UK WWII -> shortages of meat -> sudden rise in inexplicable cat disappearances -> increase of "rabbit" stew on the menu.   

       Unless of course that was the Borg in a 1940's flypast...
not_morrison_rm, May 11 2012

       <tries to look innocent>
8th of 7, May 11 2012

       Best hide this from [po] or things could get ugly, fast.
blissmiss, May 11 2012

       It's not a totally bad idea but I find the title misleading...who's making the pies?
xandram, May 11 2012

       That's not the important question. The important question is "Who gets to eat the pies? "
8th of 7, May 11 2012

       "Order up for 4 and 20 blackbirds!"
RayfordSteele, May 11 2012


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