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popeye pots

handy containers for your daily five portions of vegetables
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people don’t come much healthier looking than popeye and that’s because he had his regular supply of spinach.

there are two layers to these pots; the innermost container holds the veg and an outer layer which is filled with air. gripping the pot with a tight fist, the air is sent downwards and up into the centre reservation, which in turn tears the paper lid and releases the food.

as you see, owing to their unique design these pots are highly squeezable and with some practice, you can shoot the entire load into the air in one mighty great arc and catch the whole caboodle in your mouth in one go.

po, Jun 21 2005

I yam what I yam http://www.everwonder.com/david/popeye/
[po, Jun 21 2005]

Said can in use. http://radio.weblog.../11/16/popfair3.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 22 2005]


       I'm first at the finish, 'cuz I eats me spinach...   

       [I'm first one to anno, 'cause I ate a can o']
normzone, Jun 21 2005

       Awesome! [+]
daseva, Jun 21 2005

       Nice, unless you like your vegetable matter undercooked. +
sartep, Jun 22 2005

       Very good! Here's a bun. You can gladly pay me back... Tuesday.
Jinbish, Jun 22 2005

       Ga ga ga ga ga ga ga!
DocBrown, Jun 22 2005


       toot toot! +
energy guy, Jun 22 2005

       Should come with a coupon to send in for the Popeye latex upper arm muscle sleeves (with tattooed anchors) which flex and expand when they detect that you're squeezing a can, so the results of consumption are visual and immediate.
Soterios, Jun 22 2005

DesertFox, Jun 22 2005

       Well shiver me timbers, she done it again. +
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005


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