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Piggyback car shipping pulled behind semi trailer

Like 'stow away car', but piggybacking behind the semi-trailer.
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_____I don't know why trucking companies aren't already doing this other than laws and liability???

_____Most North American tractor-trailer trucks have 15-20 feet of free legnth behind them before needing a excess legnth permit. Why not tow peoples cars/vans behind the semi-trailer?

_____Not just for shipping cars/vans, but providing individuals and families with a "driverless" road trip option. People can ride in their towed car/van, making the service cost-effective.

_____Cars would be towed with all 4 wheels on the ground, connected securely by a towbar/swaybar arrangement. The car hitched to the crash bar that is on the back of most North American semi-trailers. The car is put in neutral for the trip.

_____Or better yet, utilize car dollys so the 4-wheeler doesn't need special equipment to take advantage of the service. This is near-identical to how cars are towed behind North American RVs.

_____The trucker is responsible for tying down the 4-wheeler to the dolly, while the occupants of the 4-wheeler sit back and relax. Enhancements could be utilized like early brake warning alarm for the towed occupants, and CB communication with the trucker.

_____The total cost per trip needs to be less than the cost of fuel for the same car/van to make the trip on it's own. Because most peoples travel method is based on price.

_____Now you can take that road trip with the gas guzzler, for the travel cost of a hybrid! Great for those with large campervans 20 feet or less in legnth!

_____Everybody wins! The truckers win by having another revenue stream, individuals and families win because they can sit back and relax in their own car on long road trips, and the enviroment wins because less fuel is burned in this arrangement!

Dignium, Feb 09 2016

Like 'stow away car', but piggybacking behind the semi-trailer. Stow_20Away_20Car
This idea is like this one except much more practical and feasible. [Dignium, Feb 09 2016]


       // The total cost per trip needs to be less than the cost of fuel for the same car/van to make the trip on it's own. //   

       I disagree. Depending on the price of fuel, somewhere close to half the cost of driving a car is the cost of wear and tear on the engine, etc. Of course there will still be some wear on the seats and the suspension. (And wheel bearings if this doesn't use a trailer). I might even pay a bit more than that if it meant I could take a nap or read a book instead of watching the road.   

       The only downside is the time to load up and the slightly longer travel time.   

       This would also be useful for taking very longs trips in electric cars.   

       One downside is the lack of climate control when the car is not running (which wouldn't be an issue with an electric car).   

       One issue is that there are strict laws about people riding in trailers and this doesn't meet any of the existing exceptions. Assuming that the safety issues can be addressed I don't see why the laws couldn't be changed.
scad mientist, Feb 10 2016

       Given a magnetic tether, the lorry driver need never know...
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2016

       The car occupants would also have to schedule meal and potty breaks with the truck driver, which may conflict with the drivers schedule to deliver the primary load in a particular time period.
whatrock, Feb 10 2016

       _____ This is a really clever idea.   

       _____ [+]
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2016

       _____ ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2016

       // This would also be useful for taking very longs trips in electric cars. //   

       until some clever user puts on the regenerative brakes to charge up on the way
Voice, Feb 11 2016

       For some vehicles, towing with all four wheels on the ground is a great way to burn up a transmission.
RayfordSteele, Feb 11 2016


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