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For forgetful pill-takers
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IDEA : An alarm-clock with an opening on top into which you drop your must-take-on-time-or-else pill.

The pill sets the clock to ring loudly at your next pre-set pill-interval, stopping the ring only when you empty out the pill.

Idea-lly your canny doctor both sells you the clock [or clocks!], AND specifies your numerous pills, so that you can drop a bunch of them in the clock for simultaneous swallowing.

The PillAlarm also screams at you if you haven't reloaded it after the reasonable time you've pre-set, to do your gulping.

The alarm being adjustably weight-sensitive can be made to sound-off if you fail to reload with ALL your pills.

Niche-market and mass-market, health-aids are booming. This gadget might catch on.

Superficial search only done. There are all sorts of pill-reminders out there, but I didn't find any using this principle.

rayfo, Sep 08 2001

Similar (same?) idea http://www.halfbake.../electric_20pillbox
Has some links that may be of interest. [PotatoStew, Sep 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Makes sense if the pills have to be taken at timed intervals and aren't dependent upon someone eating first. My 33 pills (all herbal supplements) daily have to be taken after meals...so 17 after breakfast/lunch and 16 after dinner/supper.   

       I'd hate to go through having to reload a box though. With multiple pills, I think it's just easier to put the bottles in a line and go down the line.
Susen, Sep 08 2001

       Susen : None of the numerous systems I saw on the Web would cope with your unique requirements either!
rayfo, Sep 09 2001


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