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Pillow Jack

Hair Release System
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One of the disadvantages of having long hair is waking up in the middle of the night to find that your head is completely immobilised by your partner who is sleeping on your hair. Rather than waking him/her up with a violent shove, I would like a small lever at the side of the bed which, when pumped, would gently jack up the offenders head an inch or so, just enough to enable one's hair to be extricated.
Helium, Dec 07 2002


       wouldn't your hair go with it? this is a real problem, I sympathise.
po, Dec 07 2002

       pony tail or braid.....
Marassa, Dec 07 2002

       I don't want to have to put my hair in a braid before I go to bed every night....who do you think I am....Caroline Ingalls?
Helium, Dec 07 2002

       A metal plait implanted into your partners skull and a giant electromagnet on the ceiling should suffice.
Chaos_5, Dec 07 2002

       Jack up the head board of the bed until your partner's head falls forward.
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2002

       Grease your hair before sleeping, that way it just slithers right out.
egnor, Dec 07 2002

       I cut my long hair short when I realised I could have an extra ten minutes in bed every morning.
egbert, Dec 08 2002

       I prefer short hair anyway. Though I did think maybe you were going to describe something to cure the condition for which thumbwax created the Coyote Ugly Tool.
DrCurry, Dec 08 2002

       I was really hoping that this would be some form of morning rising aid. Perhaps in conjunction with an alarm clock.
yamahito, Dec 08 2002

       yama: try Viagra. *Oh* you meant getting out of bed.
DrCurry, Dec 08 2002

       <Ray Charles>Hit Pillow Jack and don't you get stuck no more, no more, no more, no more</Ray Charles>
thumbwax, Dec 08 2002

       Doc, tell us the truth now... you had this problem all the time in the past, and that's why you've opted for the clean-shaven look...
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2002

       Actually, it had more to do with leaving too much hair on my pillow. And in the shower. And in the basin.
DrCurry, Dec 08 2002


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