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noise cancelling headphone crib pillows

Noise cancelling headphones without the headphones at a crib. two pillows, or mattress areas, near the baby's head function linke noise cancelling headphones. The quiet area calms the baby and keeps it from being easily wakened.
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I think it is possible that sometimes people would prefer obtrusive noises or other children not wake their baby.

I think part of the crib mattress, or the (possibly controversial) pillow, could function like noise canceling headphones (without the headphones) at a crib.

Computers, and possibly lasers cause the speakers to emit noise canceling antinodal sounds to create quiet around the baby.

Then the quiet area calms the baby and keeps it from being easily wakened.

Another possibility is that the noise canceling mattress might be able to emit sounds that actually have a noise reduction, or mildifying, effect on a crying baby's sound for the listeners. Concerned parents could still hear the sound, it would just be retuned to be more pleasant.

It is possible that psychologists could find an acoustically modified version of baby vocalizations that attracts parents, causing better, more stable care.

beanangel, Oct 26 2016




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