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Pillow Machine Gun

A gun that rapidly shoots fluffy, and flaming (optional) pillows.
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A large gun, about the size of a large rocket launcher, could be used in pillow fights to completely knock out your opponent.

It would be like a PEZ dispenser. Pillows would be stacked in a rectangular gun, and when the trigger is pulled, a blast of air forces the the pillow out of the chamber, projecting it tward your opponent.

If you really wanted to get rid of somone, instert a small blow torch into the gun, then flip a switch, and when a pillow is launched, a 1 second delay allows the blow torch to ignite special pre-gas-soaked pillows at your opponent, lighting him/her/it on fire, running away, allowing you to win the "pillow fight".

paperclip987, Nov 18 2004


       I'll pass on the flaming options, but I'll take one as soon as you can deliver.   

       My beloved state of California will reflexively limit the amount of pillows it can hold, but I can always go to AZ and buy an illegal magazine for it that can hold a stack of pillows half again my height.
normzone, Nov 18 2004

       American Airlines just removed all pillows from all of their MD80 routes in a cost-savings move. Perhaps the surplus could be acquired from them?
bristolz, Nov 18 2004

       Is there a pillow soaking function so one can launch a wet pillow at one's opponent? ***THWACK! drip drip drip***
Machiavelli, Nov 19 2004

       That'd be my weekend set.
harderthanjesus, Nov 19 2004


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