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Terror Pillows

Give them pillows.
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This proposal outlines the suppliance of Terror Pillows to nations verifiably known to house terrorist groups. The purpose of this project will be to lessen the psychological dominance of the environmental cues in the terrorist's homeland.

Terrorist Pillows will be given to terrorist groups in large numbers where the pillows will be soft and jokes will be written on the fabric.

Soft pillows will be used for the Terrorist Pillows whereby 'soft' is a quality imparted by goose feathers and cotton.

Jokes will be written on the pillows where 'joke' is a short narrative or statement which imparts feelings of delight and whimsy upon the reader.

'Reader' is a term which denotes one who is educated past a 4th grade level.

daseva, Oct 04 2006


       "nations verifiably known to house terrorist groups" - like Britain and the US?
DrCurry, Oct 04 2006

       And Japan and Germany.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 04 2006

       What is it the pillows are supposed to do again? If we give terrorists a nice comfortable night's sleep, might they wake up refreshed and unwilling to explode?   

       Once we've discovered a terrorist group, is applying this pillowcraft going to be the most effective way of foiling their plans?   

       Are you David Cameron? And instead of 'hugging a hoodie', are you suggesting we 'tuck-in a terrorist'?
zen_tom, Oct 04 2006


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