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Puff boot fight

Puff them up and have a pillow fight !
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Bright coloured psychedelic gonflable boots covered in party spots and stripes etc, worn by each player with the boots puffed up to the shins or knees with paragel or heavy rubber soles.

Let the party pillow fight begin.

skinflaps, Jan 14 2003


       Thai kickboxing at it's poofiest.   

       Just standing up with these on sounds a bit of a challenge, and I wouldn't like to try walking. But lying on your back and kicking might be a valid tactic. Sounds fun, anyhow.
kropotkin, Jan 14 2003

       Sounds like fun to me, although I'd like matching puffy gloves.   

       And what for dog's sake is "gonflable".
madradish, Jan 14 2003

       I had to look it up: gonflable is a French word meaning "inflatable".
krelnik, Jan 15 2003

       What 2 fries said.
dalek, Jan 15 2003


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