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Pimp my Capacitor

Your stereo could be a dull grey box... or it could be a mean flashy-lighty, wah-wah monster!
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I currently type this entry on a dull, black Dell keyboard. My desktop PC is similarly bland.

When I passed the window of some computer store the other day, the geek in me said "Ooooh, shiny lights and cool stuff!", and that was just at the colourful computer case. I then realised that it didn't do anything other than look flashier than my desktop.

But I wanted it.

I want a flashy, unique desktop... *

If only I could send for "Pimp my Capacitor". They are a company that specialises in modifying household electrical/electronic goods to bring them up to date - or just plain flashy! You can specify the artwork, amount of new strip lighting, LED text bars, banging bluetooth beacons of base (speakers!), hell - they'll even add a spoiler.

You too could have a mean-machine-iron, a supa-fast toaster or a stereo that looks as if it wasn't made in the 80s!

* I don't really - I'm lying.

Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

Alienware http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alienware
sorry it's a wikipedia article, I couldn't get their own site to work. [calum, Jun 15 2005]

alienware google image scrape http://images.googl...e=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
[calum, Jun 15 2005]

Blue Peter http://www.bbc.co.u..._dalekcompost.shtml
UK TV at it's creative best. [Jinbish, Jun 15 2005]

Flux Capacitor http://wiw.org/~jes...og/82delorean19.jpg
Baked to the future. [Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005]

Crazy Case Mod contest. http://www.extremet...1558,1619013,00.asp
[jutta, Jun 15 2005]

Pimp my Toaster http://www.worth100...asp?contest_id=3525
(scroll down past Pimp my Desk Fan and Pimp my Washing Machine) [Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005]

Pre-pimped version http://www.maplin.c...es/Full/25446i0.jpg
[angel, Jun 15 2005]

Flux capacitor replica http://www.gearfuse...to-the-futureagain/
Flux Capacitor Replica Is Back To The Future…Again! [LoriZ, May 27 2010]


       (I'm not sure what you mean by 'send for "Pimp my Capacitor". Is this about a supplier of prefab modding parts, or a modding service that comes to your house?)
half, Jun 15 2005

       Do you mean "Pimp my resistor"? I don't know of a use for a capacitor in irons or toasters.
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005

       Both. Its a full consultancy and hardware service. You can just order parts, ask for advice or even request old editions of Blue Peter for inspiration (linky).
Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

       Good point, [World].   

       I remember a couple of guys in school who made Light Emitting Resistors. Only briefly effective and highly stinky...probably wouldn't catch on. Then again, I guess an incandescent bulb is a light emitting resistor.
half, Jun 15 2005

       Was one of their names Edison? If so, he fixed that problem later using a vacuum bulb.
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005

       Trust me, these guys were not Wizards.
half, Jun 15 2005

       Resistors don't sound as funky as capacitors - and this company is all about putting in extra funk!
Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

       It would make a fairly poor capacitor if it leaks light energy (or funk, for that matter).
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005

       Sorry, I'm lost. Who said anything about a capacitor emitting light?
Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

       You're right, you didn't. I'm just trying to picture how to "pimp" a capacitor - they generally aren't very big.
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005

       "Pimp My Appliance"?
Worldgineer, Jun 15 2005

       //They generally aren't very big//
An old analogue electronics lecturer of mine would disagree - he always harked on about a 1 Farad capacitor being the size of the building we were in.

       Okay. I'll maybe go with "Pimp My Circuit" (thanks Mr DeG), subtitled "Put a cap in your ass".
Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

       This is called "modding", and widely known and practiced, once you get into it. It's really quite similar to cars - there are fancy-looking but kind of trashy plastic cases; accessories to install (backlit fans, decals, cables); and then there are the PC case equivalents of art cars or highly tuned overall systems where someone with a lot of creativity and expertise achieves stunning results.
jutta, Jun 15 2005

       I know that PC modding is quite popular - that's what started me thinking along these lines (I'm a big fan of Mini-ITX systems - no pun intended).
My stereo still works well, but it's a number of years old and doesn't look very nice compared to the flashy ones. Now, I don't give a hoot that it looks dated - but some might. Whereas PC modding is quite easy as it is all modular and there are standard parts, most stereos are proprietary shapes and sizes. So for those without modding (or modelling) experience, turn to "Pimp my Capacitor".
Jinbish, Jun 15 2005

       Sounds like your speaker rims need a silicone make-over. Like the Pioneers I bought for $2 each today. Retreads.
mensmaximus, Jun 16 2005

       This may be a way for me to profit from my schooling as an electronics technician.
AwarmRay, Jun 09 2013


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