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Real Icicle Lights

Winter decorations made from real ice
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Introducing the new GoldCo corporation's newest and most practical product: Real Icicle Lights!

This decorating system, installed by trained GoldCo employees, consists of three sets of components.

Firstly, the lights, which would be run along the eaves of the house, and almost completely hidden when not turned on. These lights would very closely resemble an ordinary string of Christmas lights, although of course they would use the brightest, most modern, most energy efficient light emitting diodes for illumination.

Note, however, that the "light" aspect of the system would *not* include any dangling vertical strings of lights, such as a conventional "icicle" light set would be comprised of. Rather, each icicle in the system will be illuminated by one single light LED.

The second component of the system is a cooling system, and consists of the following: A refrigerant compressor, an air cooled condenser, two sets of pipes run within the eaves (one for liquid refrigerant, one for gaseous refrigerant), a large number of very tiny evaporators (one for each icicle).

The third component of the system is some very well insulated water pipes, with one nozzle for each icicle.

Also included are removable pyrex glass rods which clip onto the refrigerant evaporators.

When the system is running, the refrigeration system chills the rods, and the water system sprays or drips water onto those rods, forming icicles. Due to careful positioning, each glass rod, and the icicle that's grown around each rod, is illuminated by a bright white LED.

goldbb, Dec 07 2009

glowing_20eave_20icicles [hippo, Dec 07 2009]


       The most important part of this invention is that is includes a system for making the icicles... heck, the lights are almost optional.
goldbb, Dec 07 2009


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