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rude candelabras
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Scandelabras look like ordinary candelabras, but on closer examination, the holders that contain the actual candles reveal themselves to be include two perfect replica metal testicles at each of their base areas.

Phallic candles are already widely obtainable to complete the arrangement. As the melted wax descends, Scandelabras become even more scandalous.

xenzag, Feb 27 2015

candelabra http://www.silverpu...andelabra-CA138.jpg
now use your imagination [xenzag, Feb 27 2015]

tasteful http://www.madbob.c...y/candle/index.html
Bob Howard has had this idea [bhumphrys, Feb 28 2015]


       Where do the //bras// fit in?
pocmloc, Feb 27 2015


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