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Pin Cushion Ceiling-Floor

like the 'bed-of-nails' novelty toy
  [vote for,

Made of thousands of rubber-tipped, spring-loaded, parallel rods, the floor would feel like walking on a thick pile carpet. Those living underneath would have an inspirational view of sinking footsteps spreading and fading across the ceiling, mimicking the comings and goings of those above.

An upstairs party might display patterns of dancing feet and rolling bodies in heat to the flat below. If the noise gets too loud, the partiers could both see and feel a lower neighbor’s pounding broomstick.

FarmerJohn, Dec 04 2004

pin art - what it reminds me of. http://www.officepl...com/opg/pinart.html
[po, Dec 04 2004]

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po, Dec 04 2004

       "Look - that couple upstairs are having sex on the kitchen floor again"
hippo, Dec 04 2004

       Very orthopaedic.
harderthanjesus, Dec 04 2004

       "Better let her know she's got a verruca growing."
wagster, Dec 04 2004

       I love it, I'll take 30sqm please [FJ].
neilp, Dec 06 2004

       Can I vote again? Please, please, pretty please? I don't know why but I think this idea is a work of genius. [+]
Belfry, Dec 06 2004

       "George! What are you doing up that ladder?"
"Um, giving the woman upstairs a foot massage, dear..."
lostdog, Dec 06 2004

       Umm... what's a "verruca"?
EvilPickels, Dec 06 2004

       pot plant ?
po, Dec 06 2004

       Spring loaded?   

       So You can look up and think 'Aha - the fat cow upstairs has put on an extra 3 pounds .. look, her footsteps are sinking lower!'   

       I like it!
britboy, Dec 06 2004

       I guess it's a good indicator of my life's work when the first thing I thought of is how cat hair and dirt will quickly fill the gaps between the rods and the neighbors below will have a view of filth. [edit] I think I misunderstood about how these are mounted together, I guess there is no transparency,hence no view of filth.
dentworth, Dec 06 2004

       Will be a bugger to cross on crutches or in a wheelchair but still a great idea.
oneoffdave, Dec 06 2004

       I added a - vote because I want to keep FJ humble. I'll consider changing it later.
dentworth, Dec 06 2004

       Humble? I’m humble…and meek and modest. I’m really, really, really humble. H-U-M-B-L-E that’s me. I’m surely the most humble guy in the whole world. I'll humbly receive the title “Humble Hero of the Century”!
FarmerJohn, Dec 06 2004

       Is that your acceptance speech? The - stays.   

       Edit: i changed it when no one was looking. hee hee
dentworth, Dec 06 2004

       [EP] - Don't listen to them, they're pulling your leg. A verruca is actually a mushroom that grows on the bottom of your foot. No really, it is! Go look it up.
wagster, Dec 06 2004

       And it looks like macaroni
Belfry, Dec 06 2004

       I would lie face down on my floor, turning my head about, giving the neighbours below the illusion that I was looking down at them. With practice (and possibly after spying on them for a bit) I would match my head movements to their activities, following them out of the room to the kitchen in response to a particular pattern of noise etc. That would really creep them out eh?   

       I also have an incontinent dog so I am curious about how you would prevent his urine seeping through and dripping from the pins?   

       Superb idea though [+]
dobtabulous, Dec 06 2004

       [dentworth] take the fish off before we all start concluding that you must be the Autoboner! [FJ] doesn't need to be humble (though he is, to his credit) when he's come up with such an excellent idea - one of what, about 350 multi-bunners?
DocBrown, Dec 06 2004

       I like this idea - but instead of springs, perhaps they could be magnetized to spring upward if nothing is on them. Then perhaps you could electromagnetically magnetize the floor to push them all down for cleaning. Also, you could capture the energy aquired by someone walking on the floor and generate electricity.
trekbody, Dec 07 2004

       would be really awesome if they played organ chords as you strolled about.
po, Dec 07 2004

       //How big are the pins?// I was thinking the same size as the bed-of-nails/pin art toy. They could be hexagon shaped at both ends of each pin to be tightly packed and cylindrical in the middle to slide through the perforated framework floor.
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004


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