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Yet another extreme experience
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Happy to oblige tour operators calling for more ideas for extreme experiences such as bungee-jumping that aren't too costly to get at, I offer the "extreme trampolene". Its rebound system would be power-aided by hydraulic-ram technology or whatever. The height of bounce would be adjusted to the jumper with rewards snatchable at each level. Safety precautions would have to be extreme too as with bungee-jumping.
rayfo, Oct 29 2000


       You're right of course Jutta. That'll teach me to correct Starchaser's spelling.
rayfo, Oct 29 2000

       Rayfo: Huh?
StarChaser, Oct 30 2000

       StarChaser : About a month ago. Can't find it. Etiquette lapse on my part.
rayfo, Nov 01 2000

       i saw something near the beach that was twin bungee ropes harnessed to the jumper, who in turn bounced on a trampoline,looked expensive though
technobadger, Jun 05 2001


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