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Ping or plop

Audio alert
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I know nothing of software,except it makes the halfbakery appear upon this screen, and i can hear nothing from these two little speakers plugged into this pc.

Audio alerts are heard when a full fishbone or croissant appears upon an idea.

A ping is heard as if a fresh croissant is ready to be served from the oven.

A plop is heard as if a rotting fish is being thrown back into the river.

skinflaps, Jan 21 2004


       Sorry, amended idea.
skinflaps, Jan 21 2004

       I believe [jutta] has something like this already but not on the HB. It's not possible to do without using some sort of client-side scripting language.
silverstormer, Jan 21 2004

       or instant messaging. You could send updates to everyone who has an IM client
theircompetitor, Jan 21 2004

       Sorry, I'm still a bit lost. Is this a request to have a notification sent to you when one of *your* ideas reaches the "full croissant" or "full fishbone" state?   

       Or is it for any viewed idea? If so, though I've not used it, it appears that the <BGSOUND> tag could be used to play "Ping" or "Plop" upon the page load based on the net vote value of the idea being viewed. Not that I think it should be done, but I think it could. I'm pretty sure it won't.   

       If it's supposed to be a real time thing that monitors a given idea then some client side application or script would be needed to do the job. I don't think that will happen either.   

       Maybe someone could write you a background application that pulls a feed from the 'bakery server and parses for the vote tally and plays the appropriate sound.   

       I think I need to act like you're one of my clients when I don't understand their requirements and ask the basic question, "What is the purpose?"
half, Jan 21 2004

       [ half ] for any viewed idea ( or not ?). As i mentioned i really don't know alot about software app's, and as for the purpose,like most things just abit of fun added to the aesthetics of the Halfbakery hearing a ping or plop, or whatever designated sound through the attached speakers.
skinflaps, Jan 21 2004

       I'm intrigued by the idea of a having bit of software that goes Ping! every time a croissant is issued to anyone and Plop! everytime a fishbone is issued anywhere. You could just leave it running in the background as a gauge of how busy the 'bakery was.
wagster, Apr 28 2005


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