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New Idea Notification

Keep ahead of the half-game.
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A small, executable package downloadable directly from the 1/2B that would function the same way the 'friend list' on most instant messengers do. When a new idea is added, the program, which would probably reside in your task bar, would notify you with a small message box of the idea's name, creator, and summary. Not only would this eliminate the need to visit the recent page every other minute, (am I the only one that does this?) it would also save time since the summary would immediately be available to you, and WIBNIS and otherwise stupid ideas could be ignored.
Pseudonym #3, Mar 24 2002

halfbakery channel http://www.halfbake...alfbakery_20channel
The container idea for the RSS file Steve DeGroof linked to. If you want to write a notification service, write it on top of these channel files and make it generic for any weblog that publishes RSS. [jutta, Mar 25 2002]


       You're going to have problems with ICQ/AIM etc. software if you access the HB from behind a firewall, i.e. at work. Of course none of us are irresponsible enough to be doing that, but theoretically it would be a problem.
mcscotland, Mar 24 2002

       hello Pseud, I really like this in theory but the beauty of the 1/2bakery is that the most boring baker or the most boring idea title or perhaps a category that does not appeal to you, may provide you with the very seed for the most mind blowing surge of creativity or imaginative threads or just laugh out loud joy.
po, Mar 24 2002

       po - I completely agree! By 'stupid ideas', I do not necessarily mean by category, title, or general appearance before closer examination. What I do mean is ideas that you can immediately tell are unproductive, violent, racist, or generally insulting. For example, a while back I read an idea about releasing balloons containing pellets in order to blow up commercial airliners as a sort of 'game'. This is the sort of idea I could go without looking at, if it's summary offered such a description.   

       As for the software itself, I am pretty inexperienced in that field, so I cannot answer for any small technical problems. I imagine there's probably some way around them, though. (?)
Pseudonym #3, Mar 24 2002

       that sort of idea crops up from time to time - just ignore it, best way. Star'ism - do not feed the troll.
po, Mar 24 2002


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