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The Annotation Graveyard

gone but not forgetten
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I don't approve of annotation or link deletions on the halfbakery, but there will always be those who make a habit of doing this.

This leaves holes and gaps in ideas and is in my opinion contrary to the spirit of free speech and engagement that makes helps make the halfbakery so excellent.

For an example of this go to the link to [UB's] idea, and try and follow the annotation thread. He deleted all mine, which I thought were quite funny and ultimately self-depreciating comments about sheep shaggers and me not being able to resist the advances of a frisky aardvark.

Anyway, the solution to this is: The Annotation Graveyard. It works in the following way.

When someone deletes your annotations or links from an idea, they go automatically to The Annotation Graveyard, leaving a little marker where they were in the form of a small cross with RIFP on it. (removed in fit of pique)

They then show up in the Graveyard, which acts like a type of purgatory with a little link back to the original idea. In time, tiny cobwebs grow over the text, with the oldest items eventually being totally obscured (sorry Jutta - more work)

xenzag, May 29 2012

Jumpstarting_20Sheep all of my annotations have been deleted [xenzag, May 29 2012]

Line Item Deletions Line_20Item_20Deletion
For better and more precise deleting control [bungston, May 29 2012]

A game based on intentional deletions Deletionistas
[normzone, Feb 05 2015]

Another game based on unintentional deletions 21_20Answers
[normzone, Feb 05 2015]


       What [UB] said
hippo, May 29 2012

       Ha - except I have never deleted anyone's comments. (that I can recall)
xenzag, May 29 2012

       This seems redundant, there are always more words. If someone aphids, as can apparently be done, comments on their ideas surely it's their loss.
Phrontistery, May 29 2012

       Isn’t it one of the specific “features” of this place that ideas and annotations and links really can be totally deleted leaving no trace? I remember someone, possibly [jutta], stating this at some point in a post or a help-file, that it was specifically designed to give users more control over their work than is common on other online places.
pocmloc, May 29 2012

       I filtered out [Ubba]'s ideas from the main page shortly after I realized that he had a habit of deleting comments as a means of censorship. If somebody can't deal with a little shit now and then I have no interest in being a part of his "playground" ([Ubba]'s exact word choice). This works out well, as I'm certain my input isn't missed.   

       As I mentioned in another idea, I also make a point of quoting any part of his annos that I make reference to, because those have a historical tendency to disappear as well.
ytk, May 29 2012

       That's true, [pocmloc] which is why I built in the "cobwebs of time feature". Each person does have total control over their ideas here, but control should be exercised calmly and respectfully, and not become the outworking of a childish vendetta.
xenzag, May 29 2012

       I don't know - I've deleted loads of mine own that I want to stay deleted... <deleted now> a reference to threading a rosary <dn>
po, May 29 2012

       It's ok to delete your own annotations... it's annotations by others I object to being deleted - especially mine :-)
xenzag, May 29 2012

       I would like this idea, if there were "delete forever," "approve," and "suggest to restore" links in the Graveyard.   

       First of all, when you delete an annotation in a discussion of an idea, you want it be invisible to anyone. It would still be visible to you in the Graveyard, however, and once you come to the Graveyard, you may:   

       (1) Have it deleted forever. ("delete" option)   

       (2) Make it visible for Graveyard visitors. ("approve" option)   

       (3) Suggest for restoration in the original idea. ("suggest to restore" option)
Inyuki, May 29 2012

       I find this UB annotation a bit ironic:   

       //That sort of behaviour is either bullying if it's done to everyone or bastardisation if it's done to an individual, [21Q]. Either way, it epitomises a lot of what's wrong with military culture.//
RayfordSteele, May 30 2012


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