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Shz \ti-j’y\ - “ti” as in [E] attention – “j’y” as in [F] j’y suis, j’y reste

HBGC: t+(@) a@>a- r- s-- n g- e T x-

Feel free to e-mail me at fathom112@yahoo.com for any ol' reason... except:
- You need DDT, for an 'experiment'.
- You need a topical anesthetic that may or may not be a narcotic, for an 'experiment'.
- You need a contact explosive recipe, for, um, an 'experiment'.
Seems everyone's a 'Scientist' these days.

Actual HalfBirthday: Dec 9 2002

[Dec 13 2003, last modified Aug 25 2006]

(+5, -4) A Cool, Dry Place
 Alien Invasion
(+8, -2) Atypical Typica Biometric Authentication
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Backyard Geyser
(+6, -1) Box-Shaped Hearts
(+7, -1) Bungeehose
(+11)(+11) C U Spray Me
(+16)(+16) Can Stein
(+27, -2)(+27, -2)(+27, -2) Charming "The Snake"
(+3) Culture Art
 Festive Musical Glass Breaker
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Finger Bar
(+2) Flamboyancy
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) Flaming Rooster Tail Skis
(+18)(+18) Half Full / Half Empty Quandary Busting Cup
(+29)(+29)(+29) Homing Disk
(-1) Hyperbaric Nuker
(+1) Indestructible Mailbox
(+1) Inflatable Carpet
(+3) Invasive Species Restaurants
 Jumping Solar Panels
 Lake Effect Flowers
(+3, -1) Lawn Care Phase XII: Starvation Bait
(+3) Lint Roller Chute
 Low-Drag Spear Gun
(+3) Magnetic Field Line Detour
 Mood BO
 Move the ISS
(+5) Neuro Pond
(+1) Nocturnal Scamperer
(+1) Oh, the Ironing
(+6, -1) Orca Launcher
(+1) Ornithic Condominium Complex
(+30, -1)(+30, -1)(+30, -1) Pencil Lathe
 Perpetual Balance Beam
 Quantum Finger Clock
(+1) RWD Dogsled
(+4, -1) Skwalkers
 StairMaster™ Floor Tiling
(+20)(+20)(+20) The Longest Burning Candle Ever
(+2) The Real Lightsaber
(+1) Thelonious Monkfish Bowl
(+4, -1) Tidal Transport Tube
(+2, -1) Tiny Tines
 Umbrella Man
(+3, -5) Universal Barrett M821A Remote
(-1) Unused Ball Anti-Hair Plucker
 Velcro Wig Enabled Carrying Case
(+2) Waltzing IV Stand
(+8)(+8) Whammy Phone

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