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Pipe organ whammy bar

Pipe organ can now do "dives"
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Just a pipe organ with the ability slide notes and do tremolo and portamento. Does it use extending pipes, or a hundred 1/100th of a tone pipes between each note? Can't be sure. It may use a slide whistle mechanism for some notes.
fishboner, Jan 10 2010

Like this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremulant
[MechE, Jan 10 2010]

No. More like this. http://www.youtube....ature=youtube_gdata
skip to 00:41 [fishboner, Jan 10 2010, last modified Jan 11 2010]

Yes, like this. http://www.youtube....watch?v=X1NiCDsh_Gc
[MechE, Jan 10 2010]

[mechE] Here's the book your wiki article quotes. Curiously, the word "Vibrato" does not appear in the book at all. "Bend" is also missing. Tremolo is mentioned, but only in the context of amplitude. http://books.google...t&q=vibrato&f=false
there's a difference between pitch and amplitude [fishboner, Jan 11 2010]

[MechE] if you prefer wiki, here is an article which specifically says organ tremulant is NOT pitch variation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tremolo
[fishboner, Jan 11 2010]

"When guitars attack"... http://music.aol.co...ians-pete-townshend
[normzone, Jan 11 2010]


       //can't be sure// me either [ ]
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2010

       The mighty wurlitzer pipe-organ-trombone.
Loris, Jan 10 2010

       [flying toaster] the trompete section can use sliders. The block flutes can use sliding mechanisms as well. The purest way for the rest is the fractional mid pipes.
fishboner, Jan 10 2010

       what about introducing hydrogen or helium into the airflow for upwards pitch-bends.   

       pipe organs contain *thousands* of pipes, and you want to increase this by... 8500'ish pipes per stop ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2010

       [flying toaster] okay, you have called me out on the useless extravagance of 100 pipes per note. How about 4 pipes per note? Hydrogen could work, I just know nothing about blowing it through pipes... Extra pipes seems easier to me. We can keep the hydrogen for fire effects. It can be called the "Fire Breathing Pipe Organ". Igniting the gas as it enters the pipe could be interesting, but thermal expansion would be hard to control..
fishboner, Jan 10 2010

       well there ya go: reservoirs of hot and cold air.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2010

       Oh yes.... [+]
wagster, Jan 11 2010

       Many things might be improved with the addition of a whammy bar. +.
bungston, Jan 11 2010

       //improved by a whammy bar//   

       although a dubious addition to a body, I find...
fishboner, Jan 11 2010

       Just ask Pete (link).
normzone, Jan 11 2010

       I wouldn't put a whammy bar on my organ.   

       //helium into the airflow for upwards pitch-bends// heh
bnip, Jan 21 2010


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