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The Explode O Phone

The world’s most powerful percussion instrument
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In essence the Explode O Phone is a pipe organ that detonates an explosive mixture of gas and air in the base of each pipe. Each pipe and detonation chamber is tuned to produce a specific note just like a normal pipe organ.
duroncrush, Jan 05 2004


       That sounds like one hell of a ringtone! How do you make calls though?
dobtabulous, Jan 05 2004

       Brings to mind the "BS Johnson" model organ played rather enthusiastically by the librarian in the Discworld.
Detly, Jan 05 2004

       You can only use each note once...
phundug, Jan 05 2004

       " The LHPO's pyro-acoustic explodo-rhythmations will throbbatize your earholes and dance-ify your booty and make you realize what "Industrial Music" REALLY means! "   

       A quote DIRECTLY from [jutta]'s link - I'm sold.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 05 2004


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