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Sega Genesis/Yamaha DX7 sounding pipe organ

A mechanical organ with air and pipes that sounds like an FM synth.
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An organ with variable frequency pipes that can modulate the frequency and sound like a Sega Genesis or Yamaha DX7. It would have 6 keyboards (manuals) for each Sega channel and loads of presets (stops). There would be a way to play Sonic the Hedgehog music live and mechanically with only a blower to power it.
Amishman35, Nov 01 2005

(?) Sonic the Hedgehog music http://bcase257.tripod.com/grnhill.mid
The theme that plays in the Green Hill zone. (Sonic was a video ame made by Sega) [Jinbish, Nov 01 2005]


       Interesting, but i for one need more detail. Would there be a team of musicians playing it? Contemporary church organs, even if they're originally traditional pipe organs, are often fitted to use Midi, so i think it might be part way there already. I don't know enough about acoustics to know if this would work, but i think the size of the organ or the space it's in might pose problems.
nineteenthly, Nov 01 2005

       Bleedin Nora! Where'd I leave that Neo Geo and leaf blower?
skinflaps, Nov 01 2005

       I have no idea what "Sonic the Hedgehog music" is, but I should point out that the pitch of an organ pipe is not determined solely by its length.
angel, Nov 01 2005

       This would be like a mostly mechanical synthesizer. The pipes would warble their tones at different frequencies and could synthesize many sounds. If MIDI was added you could use GYM instead and play automatically the soundtrack from any Sega Genesis game, as well as the DX7 rhodes piano sound that is so '80s. So basically this is a large FM synth built into a church.
Amishman35, Nov 01 2005


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