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Piston oven

Cooks by compression
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This is inspired by "self-heating bun".

A series of syringes empty into a chamber containing a piston. Each is filled with aerosol or a dry powdered ingredient. The chamber is filled with oxygen, then the ingredients are injected, suspended in the gas. An explosive charge at the other end then forces the piston down, compressing the mixture and causing combustion. Result: something, possibly edible, i don't know.

Probably best for cooking inorganic food.

nineteenthly, Nov 26 2009

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       It sounds dangerous but yet so delicious ... [+]
Aristotle, Nov 26 2009

       [+] for inappropriate, ill advised and possibly life-threatening use of explosives.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2009

       not clear on what kind of ingredient you might produce. Something in the powdered toast family perhaps. Whatever it is the predominant flavor is sure to be burnt or old or stale.
WcW, Nov 26 2009

       //An explosive charge at the other end then forces the piston down, compressing the mixture and causing combustion// Obviously this has to be two such ovens back to back, with cam-actuated insertion and removal of fresh baking trays between each explosion cycle.
pocmloc, Nov 26 2009

       Ah, now I understand about that guy that was killed in a baking accident.
lurch, Nov 26 2009

       mmmmmm eleven herbs and spices.   

       Probably should actually be an entire rotary engine.
nineteenthly, Nov 28 2009

       Rotisserie engine, shirley ?
8th of 7, Nov 28 2009

       WIRT I thought of something else. The oven is at the bottom of a huge(20m?) piston chamber. When the piston comes down the air automatically heats up due to compression and cooks the food in the usual time, sans flames. I'd like that.
wagster, Nov 28 2009

       So it's like a fire syringe, except it's an oven?   

       This would be cool, except...   

       Ignoring the method of heating, what kinds of foods do you expect to be able to prepare from combusted powders?   

       [neutral, until you can suggest a recipe which might produce something edible]
goldbb, Nov 29 2009

       There would be vapours as well as powders, [goldbb]. I was mainly thinking of something like baked goods. The problem is that most things which would not combust would not be nutritious. There are a number of inorganic ingredients in food and others which don't combust normally on heating. Other things are supposed to be burnt.   

       OK, i'm gonna say caramel with particles of gold in it, or boiled sweets.
nineteenthly, Nov 29 2009

       How would you stop the food leaving via the exhaust, assuming that any remains after being subjected to a flame front temperature of over 800DegC and rising as the front spreads?
Duckjuice, Nov 29 2009

       There's an exhaust?
pocmloc, Nov 29 2009

       // How would you stop the food leaving via the exhaust...? //   

       I would use a foam plug with pores smaller than the particles of food.
nineteenthly, Nov 29 2009

       The only real advantage I can see this having over regular cooking methods is the ability to make wafers out of just about any ingredients in very little time. Actually that does sound pretty sweet.
Joolin, Nov 30 2009

       Hmm, that's true. You could use that to save space and package some mineral supplements that way too.
nineteenthly, Nov 30 2009


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