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Pixar movie - Clifton

Pixar should make a movie about a highdiving lemming
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Clifton (2017)

Clifton is a lemming who just never fitted in.

When all his friends committed suicide by leaping off the rocks into the cruel waves below, Clifton questioned why this had to be, only to be constantly told it was "The Way of the Lemming".

As the annual Big Leap' approached, Clifton found himself unable to escape the throng and was plummeted over the cliff edge, only to find himself able to glide gracefully into calm waters. Knowing that the Big Leap organisers would not be happy, he escapes and meets a friendly Rastafarian Cormorant, who teaches him how to become a champion high-diver. Can Clifton get back to his community and convince them that "The Way of the Lemming" isn't always the best way?

TheBamforth, Nov 21 2016

Disney truthiness http://io9.gizmodo....by-disne-1549040246
repeat until true [Loris, Nov 21 2016]


       //When all his friends committed suicide // Great beginning for a Disney (Pixar) movie, may be a step further than previous releases; like the massive death by barracuda of finding Nemo
piluso, Nov 21 2016

       // committed suicide by leaping off the rocks into the cruel waves below, //   

       ... except that lemmings don't actually do any of those things - it's a rural myth.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2016

       Well why correct Disney now?
TheBamforth, Nov 21 2016

       The first Disney movie set in Bristol!
calum, Nov 21 2016

       Could do one with a pet barnyard fowl, on a farm near a major highway.   

       "Noooooo, Cluckyyyy !!!! Oh why... Why, Why?? oh, why did the chicken cross the road ?".   

       I'll get me hat.
FlyingToaster, Nov 21 2016

       Don't forget to take your teeth with you.   

       <proffers paper bag>
8th of 7, Nov 21 2016


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