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Pizza Box Chimney

Let off some steam.
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Pizza, delivery pizza, always seems to arrive slightly soggy.

This is because the steam given off by the pizza cannot escape from the delivery box, which is designed to keep in the heat of the pizza so it doesn't congeal before it gets to you.

No more need this happen to you and your Mediterranean flatbread delight. UBCo's Pizza Packaging Provisions Plant has developed a small, reusable chimney that can be fitted to the thumbhole in the corner of the box, extracting the water from the escaping air, before pushing the hot air back into the box.

Powered by a small Stirling engine of flat design, lying under the bottom of the pizza and on the outside of the box, to take advantage of the heat differential.

UnaBubba, May 14 2012

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       Will my pizza cost more now? Though worth it, your'e right, perhaps.
blissmiss, May 14 2012

       Rather than a Stirling engine, we advocate adsorbing the steam onto Calcium Carbide granules, which will remove the moisture and release Acetylene which can then be oxidised by a platinum-black catalyst on the underside of the box to keep the pizza hot.
8th of 7, May 14 2012

       ...my chief complaint for any take-out food, so let's put them on other contaiers as well. I hate to order baked fish, to have it arrive *steamed*! +
xandram, May 14 2012

       Pizza delivery vehicles should have a special DC electric stone-hearth warming oven in the back seat, so the pizza only gets put in the box right before it's delivered to your door.
Alterother, May 14 2012

       <Takes corner just a tad too fast. Sorts pile of squashed pizza slices into roughly original pizza shapes.>
UnaBubba, May 14 2012

       For that matter domiciles should come equipped with a trans-wall stone oven.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2012


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