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Pizza Chute

lethargy is the mother of invention
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This idea sprang forth in an annotation I wrote to [fret]'s joypad loader idea, see link.

The basic premise is this. Is a Tuesday night, 1am, You are sitting at home, crammed on to the sofa staring fixedly at the latest mirage of scintillating pixels that jump and dazzle at the command of a little box in your hands, connected to a slightly larger box by your television.

You decide to change the game. There is no need to get up and endanger your limbs now because thanks to a recent innovation by FRETindustriesTM , the game media slots into your joypad rather than the console. A pause in the action allows you to glace sideways smugly at a pile of the latest games that teeter on your coffee table. You continue to jab incessantly at the controller, presently you begin to feel peckish. The instant gratification of being able to change games without getting up reminds you of take-away. But no, surely this will force from your seat to pay the hapless delivery person. But then you remember, the reason this game system cost a little more than most, smiling inwardly, you press the pizza shaped button in the centre of the controller. The game pauses, and a screen with options to order a pizza of your own design appears. You select a series of tasty toppings and perhaps a side order of garlic bread and a can of popular fizzy drink. You pull the 'fire' trigger and your order is shot off across the web to the local pizza shop. You return to the game.

Twenty minutes pass (optimistic I know, but this is the future).

There is a disturbance from the direction of the front door. The sound of a man climbing some steps, and the opening of a letter box. But this is not consignia starting some new late night delivery, oh no! it is the sound of your newly installed Pizza-slot (at the top of your front door) opening, and your pizza being pushed through. The pizza (in its box) descends the inclined chute specially designed for its passage. It slides to a stop your lap just under your joypad filled hands, shortly followed by another box with your side order and drink. You finally lay your controller aside and tuck into the tasty circular feast.

Now all that is needed is some sort of commode. ;)

Zircon, Sep 17 2002

the Joypad Loader http://www.halfbake...dea/Joypad_20Loader
from which this idea was born [Zircon, Sep 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Now if you only had a taste-screen monitor to lick and choose the best "tasty topping".
FarmerJohn, Sep 17 2002

       Aside from the delivery slot, you can do a similar thing, ordering pizza from the comfort of your seat, with interactive digital TV, or with gaming on your PC. And if you had an internet-enabled console, then you'd only need to change the CD and go online to order pizza.   

       A game console with built-in CD multichanger, anyone?
pottedstu, Sep 17 2002

       Or you could use the phone. Zircon, do you mind me asking - are you fat?
sild, Sep 17 2002

       Hey why dont you just get a V.R display and hook yourself up to a drip and lie in bed for the rest of your life never having to leave the saftey of your computer animated world? Then you wouldn't even need to move your jaw muscles to eat.
Gulherme, Sep 17 2002

       [sild] Zircon is 6ft and weighs 11st. He does not own a games console, and prefers flying kites to staring at screens. He stuffs his face pretty much all the time with whatever he wants and doesn't get fat. He is sometimes quite smug about this, and his friends eagerly await the day his metabolism changes and he turns into a fat b*stard overnight.   

       Also; Notice the perspective from which the idea is written.   

       Additionally I was thinking that in MMORPGs or in games like shein mu(sp?) on Dream Cast, that you could actually have a pizza shop that your character walks into, and orders foodage, which then arrives in the real world. Nice.
Zircon, Sep 17 2002

       <camp>Ooh, you're slimmer than me, you bitch.</camp>   

       That is a good idea, the shop in the game. Would really mess with your head if you were wasted.
sild, Sep 17 2002

8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       [UB] can I have your mind please.
Zircon, Sep 17 2002

       He wants to open a bottle of wine and he can't find a corkscrew.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       I want to put it beyond use. Its far to dangerous to be left lying around.
Zircon, Sep 17 2002

       It's never been used up to now; I think the world is safe.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002


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