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Pizza in a Box

No Dough, Pizza to Go!
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Sometimes a big round pizza takes up heaps of room in the freezer, my idea is to have a box about 3-4 inches square, whic contains all the ingredients for a pizza. This is kept in the freezer, and contains all freezable pizza ingredients,chunks of tomato paste,salami, ham, pineapple, mushies,sundried tomatos, cheese, and all the guff that comes with a frozen pizza, except that it is neatly stackable and fits in the freezer.

Pizza in a Box allows you to put the ingredients onto any base, bread, rolls, pita bread, or you could top a mornay, with your Pizza in a Box, use it in a number of ways.

Plus your could mix your pizza in a box, you could go margheritta, and mexican, or satay chicken and pesto mix.

Bring it on...

Supercruiser, Oct 28 2003

Joe Corbi's Pizza Kit Fundraising Program http://www.joecorbi.../Web2/home/home.asp
A good pizza. Highly recommended. Dough included. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Fundraising Program http://www.pizzakit.com/
I can't vouch for the pizza, but hey, it's Little Caesars. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Chef-boy-r-dee Pizza in a box http://www.jetsetmo...rnismsurlatable.htm
ca. 1959 to present day [csea, Aug 22 2005]


       Buy a box and put your favourite pizza toppings in it, then freeze it. It's not that hard.
silverstormer, Oct 28 2003

       There's a company that sells pizza kits here in the U.S, usually as a school fundraising type thing. While the kit comes in a box, it's very easy to remove the items and stuff them in a freezer. Even the pizza bread itself (which is already disc shaped) can be rolled up, though it's a drag getting it flat again.   

       I have to wonder how useful this would be outside the bachelor sphere of influence.
phoenix, Oct 28 2003

       silverstormer - No worries, I will just tether a cow in my back yard for an impending bbq I am having.   

       Its not that hard...
Supercruiser, Oct 28 2003

       //Even the pizza bread itself (which is already disc shaped) can be rolled up, though it's a drag getting it flat again.//   

       Maybe you could iron it flat. Whilst cooking it at the same time, of course.
lostdog, Oct 28 2003

       Don't forget to milk it! It's not that hard.
silverstormer, Oct 28 2003

       This is a really good idea, I love Pizza. I sometimes don't have the time to prepare the toppings, so this idea would be great as frozen (supermarket) Pizzas are gross. I like the idea that I could add or reduce the amount of topping I want, without the hassle. Have a Croissant Pizza....
Micky Dread, Oct 28 2003

       This idea is very good. It is very maleable too. I mean there are many similar ideas you could spin off of this. Because the cheap pizzas have all those little pepperoni cubes and other meats...shredded cheese, they could all come in little bags with an actual frozen pizza so you could do what you want with the toppings. Also you can buy pre made pizza crusts in a bag. They are normal size and shape and lay flat though. Oh, why aren't people voting for this if they like it so much?
obesemind, Aug 19 2005

       Malleable? Or male-able?
bristolz, Aug 19 2005

       Baked. in 1959. [link]
csea, Aug 22 2005


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