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Pizza Donuts

Pizza with a hole in the middle to eliminate floppy tips.
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Ya' know how that glob of cheese that slips off the tip of the first, hot slice of pizza you pick up and lands in your lap? If the pizza were baked with a hole in the middle, all the slices would be trapezoids with no floppy points.
phi_16, Dec 13 2002

http://images.googl...gels%22&btnG=Search [DesertFox, Aug 20 2005]


       All the cheese would run off into the hole in the middle. If you baked the pizza whole, then used a cookie cutter to make the hole, that might be better. Doesn't seem worth the effort, though.
dalek, Dec 13 2002

       If you're modifying the shape just use a rectangular pan pizza and cut it into squares and problem solved.   

       Pizzas are round because of the dough-tossing process; I don't know if you could manage to toss an annular dough.   

       On the other hand, you could toss a regular dough, then cut out the middle and use it for a "personal pizza".
egnor, Dec 13 2002

       At one of the terminals on O'hare Airport (Chicago, IL, USA) I ordered a slice of pizza and received a microwave gelatenous mass which was trapezoid-shaped and had its crust on the short edge ONLY.   

       BTW, the "personal pizza" comment reminded me of Rocky Roccoco's pizza commercials which advertised that, unlike their competitors, they don't "cut corners" [their pizzas are rectangular rather than circular]. They ads showed a couple of employees in the back closet of "another pizza place" gobbling down what appeared to be "cut corners" of pizza.
supercat, Dec 13 2002

       I like the concept of getting rid of that floppy tip although when the cheese does manage to stay on, it's like the best bite. However, I'm with [egnor], a retangular pan would be a simple fix. Plus you get those middle pieces with no crust for those of us who end up discarding the crust anyway. [Steve] also had a good idea with the //flattened bundt cake pan//. Mmm...pizza...BRB.
waxingpoetic, Dec 14 2002

       What about if instead of getting rid of the point completely you used a pie funnel/chimney (one of those little things you put in pies to let the steam out) then you could make the pizza base so that it went up slightly in the middle and was a bit cradle like so the cheese wouldn't be able to slip off easily. On looking at the idea originally I'd been hoping that it would actually be a pizza donut, the ultimate stuffed crust.
Miss Weston Smith, Dec 14 2002

       Order hand-tossed pizza
Request that the - um - tosser use the next pizza which s/he accidently put h/is/er hand through and call it a happy accident.
thumbwax, Dec 14 2002

       oh, or we could just go all the way and bake each slice seperately with a crust all around!   

       or just fold the pizza as you pick it up. geez...
ironfroggy, Dec 14 2002

       How about a big "key" with a slot for the pizza corner and then roll up the slice like opening a sardine can.
FarmerJohn, Dec 14 2002

       Fishbone, dude! How can you get rid of the point? That's the best part!
SquidInk, Jan 26 2003

       Pizza donuts had me excited until I saw the acrual idea. Much better than a pizza in a donut shape would be a sweet pizza with donut toppings - glazed, chocolate covered, stuffed crust (stuffed with jelly filling
newj54, Feb 05 2003

       Hmm, a donut disguised as a pizza, you say? Perhaps you should half-bake it, although I personally would vote against such a nauseating concoction.
snarfyguy, Feb 05 2003

       star shaped pizza so that the points are on the outside.   

       Little Caesar did square pizzas I think but they seem to have departed the UK now. my cats survived a week once on Little Caesar pizza while I was on holiday and the *boys* were in charge. I loved LC pizza.
po, Feb 05 2003

       I thought this was for meat stuffed donuts and accidentally gave a croissant. I think instead of jelly, it should be savory ground lamb, onions and tomatoes with moroccan spices stuffed in a cinnamon and chive sprinkled long john. Mmm yeah! I am so hungry for one of these I will leave my croissant.
bungston, Feb 06 2003

       There's a small chain in Raleigh, NC that cuts round pizza into squares. Rudino's.
Jake, Jul 07 2005

       Its called "Pizza Bagels"
DesertFox, Aug 20 2005


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