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Pizza Reheater

No more cold pizza
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People love ordering pizza, but usually there is a good a mount of leftover pizza that ends up being cold in the fridge or outside, well, no more, this pizza oven features bleeding edge technology that reheats the pizza at a very good level, and it would be as good as when it was taken out of the oven the first time, the device could also work with hot pockets, frozen pizzas and take an bake pizzas, and the result would be so good you wold never guess the pizza was frozen before.
appdirect, Jul 24 2014


       magic [-]
Voice, Jul 25 2014

       8 of your 15 ideas have to do with food or flavors.   

       Magic, I agree, but at least you're focused.
normzone, Jul 25 2014

       I use a microwave oven to re-heat my pizza. I'm generally satisfied with the result.
Vernon, Jul 25 2014

       I don't like microwaved pizza because it gets flabby. I use a toaster oven for crispy pizza.
xandram, Jul 26 2014

       It's not magic. The Pizza Reheater works by means of disassembling the pizza into its constituent parts. The base is peeled off, dessicated, and ground to fine powder. This is then rehydrated with yeast, fermented, kneaded into dough and risen to form the new base. The mushrooms, pepperoni, bacon, olives and capers have all their sauce scraped off, and are lightly marinaded in the olive oil which is recovered by a flotation or centrifuge-like device, to soften them up. The sauce, after being centrifuged to remove the olive oil, is melted and then again centrifuged to seperate the cheese and tomato. The cheese is reformed into flat strips while the tomato is pureed. Finally, the pizza topping is reassembled on the perfectly risen base before being baked in the wood-fired brick oven built into the device.   

       Anyway re-heating pizza is for wimps. Real Men eat it all while it's still hot, no matter the amount.
pocmloc, Jul 26 2014

       We will have to check with M'Lord Buchanan about this, but based on observational evidence of his domestic procedures, the answer is either (a) eat the pizza cold (which can be surprisingly pleasant) or (b) tell the butler to instruct the duty pizza chef to provide more fresh, hot pizza.   

       We undestand that unwanted cold pizza is distributed to the more deserving staff, in return for a very modest payment.
8th of 7, Jul 26 2014

       //No more cold pizza//   

       But I like cold pizza :(   

       Especially for breakfast with a cold can of lager (in short the remains of the previous nights excesses).
Skewed, Jul 26 2014


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