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Pizza Rotator

Cook my pizza evenly
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When I cook a large pizza in my quite small, electric oven, the two outside edges (nearest the walls) tend to get burnt. The product I'm thinking of is based on a wall thermometer that my gran used to own. It had a metal spring inside that expanded in the heat and moves the needle to the appropriate temp. I would have a similar spring, calibrated to expand between 30 and 200 degrees centigrade built into a circular pizza tray with a revolving top. As the oven heated the spring the pizza should revolve to present a different edge to the hotter parts of the oven.
dare99, Jul 24 2002

(?) Baked! http://www.presto-n...om/pizzazz_alt.html
Small electric oven/rotating tray combo (no springs, I'm afraid, but this looks way cooler and a whole lot more effective). [DrCurry, Jul 24 2002]


       (See link.)
DrCurry, Jul 24 2002

       I dunno, sounds like I'd be risking 3rd degree cheese burns, trying that with a pizza.
dare99, Jul 24 2002

       Would it be possible to make it pizzalectric?
polartomato, Jul 25 2002


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