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shoot plastic airplanes
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There should be a gun that shoots plastic toy airplanes (about 2 inches long) and they should go like 300 feet. also they should be cheap, like 5 bucks for a pack of 20. also, they could be collectable and maybe you could make a game with them where they have a dogfight in midair, with a friends plane. and some should have explosives in them that blow up in midair. just for fun.
Wraith, Sep 29 2002


       Baked as described. Had these when I was 5 = 37 years ago. (In fact, still have a few in an old toy box at folks place)
For distance beyond compare, use surgical tubing staked into pickup bed
thumbwax, Sep 29 2002

       While pick-up is moving, 'wax?
waugsqueke, Sep 29 2002

       My buddy and I used to glue model rocket engines to our balsa wood gliders. We almost died. Couple of times. No need for a crappy "slingshot" launcher though. But we did almost die. Couple of times.
BigNateMI, Oct 04 2003

       [TW] did they even know about airplanes then?
bristolz, Oct 04 2003


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