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Positive 8 Ball

An 8 ball that only gives positive answers.
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Unlike with normal 8 balls, you never have to experience that dreadful suspense you get after you've decided to base a major life decision on the ball's response but before you get the answer. Just phrase every question so that the ideal answer is 'it is decidedly so' or 'without a doubt'. Your own personal, "impartial" yes man.
oooga, Feb 28 2001

Custom Magic 8 Balls http://www.promobra...com/magic8balls.htm
You could use these people. [egnor, Feb 28 2001]


       But the idea here is that everyone else thinks you just have fantastic luck, or really are totally right, because the 8 ball _looks_ like a normal 8 ball.
oooga, Feb 28 2001

       I think a Negative Eight Ball might be fun and would make a better gift. Or an Abusively Rhetorical Eight Ball ("what are you, an idiot?", "how the hell would I know?", and so on).
Monkfish, Feb 28 2001

       "All signs point to croissant..."
PotatoStew, Feb 28 2001

       There's a secret switch you can flip if the other person gets skeptical and says "Let me try that."
phundug, Oct 13 2011


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