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Plant/Animal Query

Searching plant/animal database by characteristics
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Many databases allow you to search from alphabetized lists that sometimes include pictures, but more likely include the taxonomic information only. These are not useful for identifying plant life unless you spend a lot of time clicking links. A database that queries plant/animal characteristics would be a lot more useful to non-scientists trying to identify a plant or animal they found. A sample query, could be something like this: it's a plant, a small plant not taller than your waist, it's a fern, it has frilled leaves, it has hairy roots.

Such a database would also allow an outreach for invasive species management, among other things.

twitch, Nov 11 2006


       if it were according to taste:   

       this would be tragic: seeing on the computer screen: this plant is extremely poisonous! do not ingest!
twitch, Nov 11 2006

       [twitch], this is about the twelfth time that Taxonomic Keys have been reinvented in the 'bakery. (-)
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 12 2006

       I would have never known what to call this thing. A taxonomic key? I would have never thunk it.   

       I might have to create this idea, for a project with a possible internship.
twitch, Nov 13 2006


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