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Universal Email Account Database

Database which keeps tracks of who owns what email account
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This is basically a database which keeps tracks of which person owns which email account.

There are many ways to build this database, accuracy and database growth are always trade-offs.

This database could be useful in many ways.

1- Account opening on WWW by email could use the database to make sure one person doesnt open more then one account.

2- Identification, with this database, many identification applications can be done, such as tracing from a registration on a website to find a lot more info on the person.

Just to name 2.. there will be many more applications, for good or for bad. But anyhow, i think it would help provide the semantics for future web development.

Privacy is an issue here, but i am no expert, just like to see what bakers think..

DC, Apr 03 2003

NamesDatabase.com http://namesdatabase.com
Something similar to what you describe. [Inyuki, Jan 24 2005]


       //i am no expert, just like to see what bakers think..//   

       I did that, and a couple of people decided to auto-bone all of my ideas.   

       That aside, this would be terrible because it'd give spammers one more weapon to use on our in-boxes.
galukalock, Apr 03 2003

       On the other hand, it would be a defense against spammers, coz u can use the database to observe who are the spammers and who are the real people and design filters with that knowledge
DC, Apr 03 2003

       I wouldn't like someone delibarately collected emails, sounds like SPAMpaing.. (SPAM campaign)
Inyuki, Jan 27 2005

       There is to much tracking on the web as it is, why make it easier and link it to your email?
Also, why would you limit the amount of email accounts that people have?
brodie, Jan 27 2005

       An unenforceable privacy disaster. The average data quality would rapidly approach zero, and despite that, it would be subject to constant security attacks because the potential asset value is so high.   

       No-one would use it because of privacy fears, unless you legislated for it, in which case you're Big Brother. And you can't legislate for the whole planet.   

       It's no defence against spammers, because they're mostly using compromised computers and fraudulent identities already.
koshua, Jan 27 2005


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