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Plasma Globe Hubcaps

Available In Both Baby Moon and Full Size Hubcap Models
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This is a novelty convex hubcap, of interest to car show enthusiasts and anybody who wants to dazzle their friends and neighbors. They are made of impact proof glass [link] with standard plasma globe guts [link].

Most spectacular effects show at night, beginning at dusk; also works well in a showroom.

Grogster, Jul 16 2011

Made of Glass That Won't Break http://www.alibaba....ct-proof-glass.html
[Grogster, Jul 16 2011]

Uses Guts From Plasma Balls http://www.coolstuf...8-Plasma-Globe.html
[Grogster, Jul 16 2011]

Go-go gadget plasma rotor! http://www.google.c...:5,s:0&tx=122&ty=23
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 16 2011]

These might be better - they're flat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crackle_tube
[spidermother, Jul 17 2011]


       Cool. [almost on-topic link]   

       Sweet, [2 fries]! I want one!
Grogster, Jul 16 2011

       Good point about flat vs convex, [sm]. (I'm showing my age talking about "baby moons.") There's also no reason that they couldn't be a five part assembly that mimics mag wheel spokes; seems to me the flat version you reference could easily make that happen... even to the extent that the "mags" would appear slightly concave.
Grogster, Jul 17 2011


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