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Offensive Driving Glove

Highbeam Halogen Headlight response device
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--It's bad enough driving at night on narrow roads, then along comes a jerk with his bright lights on and no desire to lower the beams. Halogen headlights make it twice as bad! Raising a hand with fingers together to shield your eyes is scary, as it provides a huge blind spot very close to your eyes. I propose a pair of driving gloves with webbed fingers; the webs would be made of 'mirrorshade' plastic; i.e. something that flashes the beams back at the jerk coming at you, that also lets a trickle, rather than a flood, of light come through the material, between your fingers, so that you can still see where you're going.
Steamboat, Jun 24 2007


       Also good for laser beam attack. Would this have a stiff middle finger?
ldischler, Jun 24 2007

       It should be reflective in a skeletal design across all the knuckles and the middle finger so the high-beamer sees the 'shiny bird of death' while you hold your hand up to shield your eyes.
marklar, Jun 26 2007


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