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Plasma T-shirt

You've got plasma T.V's, why not a plasma T-shirt!
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Thanks to modern technology you can take your HD-TV, to the hood! This special T-shirt is made by a single wrap around plasma display will show the whole neighborhood that you da'man... wearing a 30lb plasma screen around your belly!
Weasel 16, Apr 23 2007

Subsequent shameless self-promotion via second AnyFlag promotion by [Frank]. Benzodiazepine_20Flags
Flag this. [theleopard, Apr 25 2007]


       Wearable screens - I think you'll find we've been doing those for a while...
DrCurry, Apr 23 2007

       Hm, I don't know, Weasel. Everybody would be staring at you and you wouldn't know why they're laughing, because you're the only one who couldn't see what's on you!
jutta, Apr 23 2007

       Well, [jutta], this reminds me of the way that people aren't really meant to read the text on trendy t-shirts. So, just as soon as our culture develops as much contempt for the televised image as it already has for the written word, the problem you describe will go away.   

       <sets alarm clock for the year 2350 and withdraws>
pertinax, Apr 24 2007

       Perhaps [po] would like to chime in here. It seems to be her field.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 24 2007

       Because she wears trendy t-shirts? Or because people stare at her and laugh?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2007

       I wonder if it is possible to make a flexible cold cathode tube light? That would be neat on a T shirt.
Ling, Apr 25 2007

       [DrCurry] Because she has a TV on her tummy. Did I really have to point that out?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 25 2007

       ...the emporer's new shows?
xandram, Apr 25 2007

       Come on [Frank], if you'd seen two occurrences of shameless self-promotion of the same idea by someone, one of which was on one of your own ideas, tell me you wouldn't shamelessly self-promote yourself by pointing that out and, by doing so, shamelessly entreating others into looking at your idea simultaneously, and equally as shamelessly.   

       Shameful, it really is.
theleopard, Apr 25 2007

       Only thirty pounds? Hmm, want to explain how you're going to reduce the weight?
coprocephalous, Apr 25 2007

       I have a shirt that weighs 30 pounds. That part shouldn't be a problem.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 26 2007

       //And so it is that you entice me to promote an endless succession of //Schrödinger's Dyson Shell//'s //   

       ... think of the power...!
theleopard, Apr 26 2007


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