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Programmable LED clothing

Change your appearance as easily as running a program
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LED clothing is currently relegated to a shirt with a small panel on the chest. LEDs woven into the entire garment could be programmed to display a variety of outfits and styles, logos and advertising. The LEDs could display toned or enhanced muscles/body parts. Saves money on your wardrobe, dry cleaning and time at the gym.
whatrock, Dec 17 2015

Wearable Electronics https://www.adafruit.com/beckystern
If you can imagine it, they've got the parts and the tutorial. [lurch, Dec 18 2015]

Washable, Wearable Electronics https://learn.adafr...lectronics/overview
Yep, a tutorial for that, too. [lurch, Dec 18 2015]

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SexyCyborg [NSFW] https://sexycyborg.imgur.com/
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       But how would you wash it?
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 18 2015

       I think if you search through some science fiction you'll find that programmable clothing is - well, the help file over there on the left will tell you about it.   

       Me, I refer to it as "preheated" when something has been done in print before.   

       But welcome to the halfbakery, [whatrock].
normzone, Dec 18 2015

       unoriginal [-]
Voice, Dec 18 2015

       You'd probably want LCD rather than LEDs, especially if you wanted not to glow like a Christmas tree.   

       Interestingly, LCD displays can be made to go transparent. So, you could tantalizingly sweep areas of transparency over your attire. Alternatively, of course, you could sweep areas of nude-body-image across the display.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2015

       //LED clothing is currently relegated to a shirt with a small panel on the chest.//   

       This statement sounds like it was made by someone unfamiliar with adafruit.com's Becky Stern.
lurch, Dec 18 2015


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