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Purple Haze

If you can afford it, you deserve it.
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In a tradition dating back to Ancient Rome and before, the colour purple has always signified royalty and prosperity, the original reason being that it was a rare and thus expensive dye. However, these days purple has largely lost its significance due to its relative abundance - any old joe can go out and get himself a bright purple sweatshirt, despite the slightly disgusted looks he may receive while wearing it.

In order to reinstate purple as the colour of choice for rich and powerful people, I propose a chest-sized balloon, made out of an incredibly thin transparent plastic, which would be draped over one's shirt in place of a tie (with clips at the top to prevent slippage). The balloon would be filled with a purple mist, perhaps consisting of coloured water droplets or somesuch high-tech substance. The end result is a beautiful piece of pure elegance, which would be so expensive and fragile that only the richest and most influential people can wear it.

Mr Phase, Sep 11 2006


       //only the richest and most influential people can wear it//   

       I dunno, I thought that's what Swiss watches were for.   

       Now, Excuse ME, While I flaunt this tie!
Zimmy, Sep 11 2006

       Is this only for men?   

       What about balloon sized chests?
xandram, Sep 11 2006

       Women could drape them over their shoulders. And I have never heard of an aerogel tie.
Mr Phase, Sep 11 2006

       That's because you can't afford one!
DrCurry, Sep 11 2006

       *sobs into plain second-hand 100% polyester tie*   

       It's true, it's true.
Mr Phase, Sep 11 2006

       Purple haze, coming from my chest   

       Lately things just don't seem the best   

       Smelling funny, and I sure know why   

       Excuse me, you have pierced my tie
Texticle, Sep 11 2006

       People might make balloon ties with blue or green haze, and your plan would be ruined.
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009

       Iodine gas?
Alx_xlA, Oct 14 2010

       A balloon on your chest filled with purple mist. Why didn't I think of that?
doctorremulac3, Oct 15 2010

       The gas should have psychedelic effects when inhaled. That way if it leaks everyone in the room gets too high to care.   

       This idea is only partially absurd.
daseva, Oct 15 2010

       Above marked for tagline
normzone, Oct 16 2010



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