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Plasma Walk

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This was inspired by a hotel in Sydney that has fishtanks in the floor that you can walk over. I was thinking you could have a series of plasma screens in the floor that you could walk over, they could show fish, or elephants or whatever else you want.
simonj, Jun 19 2009

Catchyoo interactive floors http://www.catchyoo.com/
[jutta, Jun 19 2009]

Try Lbar, for floors http://vimeo.com/2402283
video of Lbar [4whom, Jun 24 2009]

Even more catchy, Micros0ft surface http://www.gadzooki...ting-of-the-future/
[4whom, Jun 24 2009]

Gesturetek's The Cube http://www.gesturet...be/introduction.php
e.g. dolphins in water [jutta, Jul 28 2009]


       For [simonj] I could certainly see these in airport concourses. It would be amazing. You could actually see something neat, (besides your feet), while walking from one terminal to the next.   

       You know what I mean right? On the people mover. You could have sections with your plasma walks. A big + from moi.
blissmiss, Jun 19 2009

       Animated floor displays, and in particular *interactive* floor displays, exists, although just barely - they're mostly used for advertising.
jutta, Jun 19 2009

       The mall near me has an interactive floor display. Although it's done with a projector and touch screen technology, not plasma screens. It's pretty cool, you get to step on frogs. When I saw the title I was thinking of glass floors with actual plasma underneath, which would make for a really good show!
DIYMatt, Jun 20 2009

       Yes DIY that is what I saw too.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2009

       //When I saw the title I was thinking of glass floors with actual plasma underneath   

       Yes that's the idea
simonj, Jun 20 2009

       //Yes that's the idea// Technically, yes, but since the effect would not differ greatly whatever the display technology (LCD, LED, whatever) the presence of plasma is rather incidental. I was also thinking great swirls and gobs of raw, naked plasma, pumped with microwaves and high voltage discharges, circulating beneath double glazing (so feet don't burn too much).
spidermother, Jun 21 2009

       I, too, considered actual plasma. Especially considering how laser/led technologies seem to be dominating the much anticipated cheap, flexible display technology market. Care to prove me wrong? I'd love to see examples of uber cheap plasma tech. The only thing holding LED back is it's capability to cover the visible spectrum. Laser TV should be out next year and change the game. In the meantime, OLEDs are looking for a foot in the door.
daseva, Jun 21 2009

       How about making an inside-out variant of those little plasma domes? Make the floor, walls and ceiling out of two layers of glass, enclosing low pressure gas and suitable concealed circuitry. Streamers of plasma would be drawn to you, not just when you touch the glass, but also as you walk across the floor.
Wrongfellow, Jun 24 2009

       In Chicago, back in 1992, the Nike store had a beautiful version showing light through water using an array of about 20 screens under floor glass. It was like looking down into an empty swimming pool (although they needed the extendable TFT LCD display tech!!)   

       From time to time a shark would swim past. I loved that it only happened very occasionally - most visitors would never see it.
kindachewy, Jun 24 2009

       The Aquarium was an early DMT, or screensaver, for Xerox machines. Like [kindachewy] said, it occassionally had a shark too.   

       I sometimes would rib new graduates with stories of even rarer appearances, such as Jacques Cousteau or King Neptune ...
Aristotle, Jun 24 2009

       I wonder whether the Billie-Jean pavement has ever been implemented anywhere?
zen_tom, Jun 24 2009

       // Id like to see floor plasma screens projecting an live image from a ceiling mounted camera// The upskirt of that idea is that there is no downside, or is that the other way round?
4whom, Jun 24 2009

       I though walking over hot coals would be hard enough, but plasma?!
Aristotle, Jun 24 2009

       Probably one of the funniest comments ever by bigsleep.
Fidden, Jun 25 2009

       Didn't they do basically this for the floor of an ENTIRE STADIUM in Beijing for the Olympics' opening ceremonies?
JackyD, Jul 29 2009

       LOL 'plasma' screens... thank you 2009
simonj, Feb 07 2018


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