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public gaming/privacy pod

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Its an array of privacy pods, which you can pay to sleep in.

But if you are feeling not sleepy, you can alternatively hire controls units (Can be as simple as a Xbox 360 controller, or as crazy as a jet fighter controls. Or as utilitarian as a keyboard and a mouse), and grab a video glasses mounted on top in select pods (On pods that don't have it, you can ask to hire it.). Once you got it, you can go to your pod, and plug it into a hidden panel in your pod.

Once you do that and enter the pod, the light inside the pod will illuminate a soft glow to let you see your controller and to allow a camera on top of the pod to see you.

To help players immerse themselves in some mutiplayer games, the pod will include a webcam facing the player. This approach will be best for futuristic games involving flying or big robots, or tanks.

mofosyne, Mar 09 2011

Get a room! http://www.yotel.com/
[Jinbish, Mar 09 2011]


       I'd be very surprised if this wasn't baked in Japan.
FlyingToaster, Mar 09 2011


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