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Plastic Paper

Make paper out of Recyclable Plastic
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The idea is to make paper out of Recyclable plastic. Just like the cloth tags on the apparel that look exactly like paper. The cost to make this kind of paper is higher than that of the actual paper. But think of the advantages, these papers can be made water proof and tear resistant. Going further, the ink used to write on these papers can be made of a special chemical that can be completely erased by a certain chemical treatment. This will help in reusing the paper itself, again and again.
concept, Jun 09 2003

DuPont Tyvek http://www.tyvek.com
Very like paper, but very tear-resistant (yet cuttable) and waterproof. [galukalock, Oct 04 2004]

Electronic Ink (1) http://www.eink.com
They do have plastic paper! No need to recycle! [Vernon, Oct 04 2004]

Electronic Ink (2) http://www.gyriconmedia.com
They do have plastic paper! No need to recycle! [Vernon, Oct 04 2004]


       Just like the wash and color table cloth I had as a kid. A blast from the past. I also like the irony of the more expensive than paper fake paper.
thecat, Jun 09 2003

       I've used stuff like this (plastic paper that is waterproof and tear resistant), though I don't know if it's especially recyclable. [Oops - dunno what happened there.]
DrCurry, Jun 09 2003

       Especially what?
thecat, Jun 09 2003

       One word: Tyvek.
galukalock, Jun 09 2003

       You may want to fix your title to say "plastic."
sartep, Jun 09 2003

       Thanks for the clarification Curry/Toejam. As to "don't know if it's esp. recyclable", 'Recycling has 3 'mainstream' R's and 1 little known obscure R. It's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RECLAIM. The pertinent ones here, if I may be so impertinent ;), are 1)Reduce BY 2) Reusing.
thecat, Jun 10 2003

       I'd say this idea is being baked right now, and more thoroughly than [concept] describes. See links!
Vernon, Jun 11 2003


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