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Fungal enzyme paper process

renewable fibers processed with natural enzymes
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Paul Stamets advocates fungi as a solution to many environmental problems. I consider another idea that might also apply fungal enzymes, especially in paper pulping. right now, either a mechanical or chemical pulping removea lignin from base fibers. While mechanical pulping uses no harsh chemicals, it damages fibers by shortening fiber length and decreasing paper quality. chemical pulping preserves fiber length for higer quality paper, but uses harsh chemicals.

Many fungal enzymes degrade lignin, without harsh chemicals. My idea would remove lignin or other byproducts with selected fungal enzymes in a less hazardous chemical pulping process. This might make bamboo a commercially viable and friendly paper fiber source, competitive with current technology.

squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010

paper pulping http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulping
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]

(?) fungal enzymes http://sciencelinks...0021502A0478019.php
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]

Paul Stamets http://www.sumotorr...%20the%20World.html
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]

(?) Fungal Study http://www.ehponlin...-3/innovations.html
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]

(??) Another study http://www.ebi.ac.u...oEntry?ac=IPR001621
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]

(?) Yet another study http://www.reeis.us...ctpages/215305.html
[squirrelecule, Jul 27 2010]


       Seems reasonable. I'm pretty sure I read about fungal enzymes being used in the production of jeans (possibly the "stone washed" effect - not sure). I'm surprised they're not already used for paper production. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2010

       Dangerous (or perhaps beneficial) if it escaped into the wild:   

       In Lem's _Memoirs Found in a Bathtub_ a paper-eating organism destroys civilization, which cannot exist without paperwork, forms in triplicate, interoffice memos, etc. (The action takes place in a sealed underground enclave where the last vestiges of bureaucracy survive, nay, flourish like orchids in a hothouse.)
mouseposture, Jul 27 2010

       Your second link seems to be an article about exactly this idea. Is that your article? If not, how does your idea differ from what that author proposes?
bungston, Jul 28 2010

       I would use bamboo as a fiber stock, instead of slower growing mulberry trees. Bamboo is pulped mechanically with poor results, or with harsh chemicals. Mushroom might to the rescue!
squirrelecule, Jul 28 2010


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