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sensual stationery

Add a feel-good factor to the workplace
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Perfumed bubblewrap. Scratch'n'sniff post-its. Velour-coated paperclips. Add more.
Miss Bianca, Feb 14 2003

(?) Scented Stationery http://www.gogsn.co...ted-Stationery.html
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Scented Markers http://www.dickblic...ucts.asp?ig_id=1182
For writing on regular Post-Its, I guess. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Hypo allergenic bubble wrap. Scratch a fat line post-its
Veritas, Feb 14 2003

       A tiny bag of powder to brush on to reveal a kiss lip print.
FarmerJohn, Feb 14 2003

       definately like the perfumed bubble wrap.
Xen, Feb 14 2003

       toilet paper
Pericles, Feb 14 2003

       Yummy flavo(u)red pencil erasers, roll and sniff mouse pads, and furry leopard patterned chairs. +
Shz, Feb 14 2003

       Maybe it would impress her if you bought some scratch-and-sniff underwear.
Worldgineer, Feb 14 2003

       Is that a slow release deodorant bottle in your pocket...
egbert, Feb 19 2003

       Scratch and sniff secretary?
FloridaManatee, Feb 19 2003

       I'm concerned about Pericles workplace, if adding toilet paper brings a 'feel-good' factor.
waugsqueke, Feb 19 2003

       And I thought my work was cheap by not buying _soft_ toilet paper. Do you bring it from home or just go without?
Worldgineer, Feb 19 2003

       Page-a-day peel-off scented calendar. Napalm flavour. Yummy.   

       // Why stop at stationary? //   

8th of 7, Feb 19 2003

       I'm all for everything perfumed and scratch-n-sniff! Bully for you!
edshepp, Feb 19 2003

       I recently bought a whole wad of bubblewrap. By introducing perfume inside it would only feed my current bubble-popping addiction, i would never leave the house.
Xen, Feb 19 2003

       Sorry, Bliss,   

       I was in a strange mood. It was probably caused by my secretary wafting past. We have a normal, healthy professional relationship, but scents and flashes of a slim ankle in my periferal vision can catch me off-guard.   

       I blame it on the coming springtime.
FloridaManatee, Feb 19 2003

       Well you see, toilet paper is something most workplaces in México could invest more on in order to have a better work environment. You're talking about extra features of nice stuff (which is absolutely cool, by the way) when some workers down here (not my case) would kill to be sure they'll have toilet paper when needed. It's a strange & contrastant this world of ours.
Pericles, Feb 19 2003

       Sounds like nasal pollution to me.
RedMike, Feb 20 2003

       Now THAT's a sound I don't like.
sidi, Jan 25 2004


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