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Self Destructing Drawing Paper

How to deal with childs artwork...
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Most parents can remember the unkillable piles of wast-paper which start growing around tables and chairs, even stairs, as soon as a child reaches the age of three and learns how to wield a crayon.

As the child grows, so does its self-esteem, and the artwork shares its new-found value. Suddenly the drawings are precious, and un-discardable. Every trip to the recycling bin is followed with bloodcurling screams if any of the masterworks so much as take a peek out.

I propose an extremely light sensitive drawing paper (sold in a dispenser) which will disintagrate to a vacumm-uppable dust after a day or so of enjoyment. It would also be usefull for people who sketch too much, (like me) or for secret documents (limited viewing time).

<sorry, this idea has already been mostly baked, it seems.>

catch23, Jan 13 2004


       Once kids figure out that paper from the dispenser degrades they will turn to wall paper. That seems to stay on forever. Your livingroom will soon have a whole new look.
kbecker, Jan 15 2004


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